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Why would I need the photo booth if I have already hired a photographer?

Photographers do an amazing job capturing the memories of your special day; however the down fall is that they don’t stay around for the entire event. Most photographers stay around until the couple’s first dance but then their night is done. Our aim is to compliment your professional photographer-not replace them! We are constantly extending our services while striving to create a night to remember and to capture the fun and sentimental moments that will last a lifetime.


I want as little interruption to the night as possible, how long does it take to set up?

The Flashpoint Photobooth only takes approximately 20 minutes to setup, so any interruption is minimal.


My event is on the second floor and there are stairs, will that be a problem?

The photo booth is lightweight and compact for easy transportation. Stairs are not a problem.


How much space do I need for the photobooth?

The most common setup of the Flashpoint Photobooth incorporates a bench and curtain backdrop. The recommended floor area required for setup with bench and backdrop is approximately 5’ by 5’. You will also need some space to set up a table for the guests to sign the scrapbook that will house their photos.


Where is the best place for the photobooth to be set up?

Any high traffic area is always a good idea. The more exposure to the guests the better.


Will there be someone there to operate the booth?

Yes, a fully trained photo booth attendant will be there at all times to assist you and your guests.


Do you charge extra for set up and tear down?

There is no charge for set up or tear down. Your photo booth attendant will handle everything for you.


Is there a limit to the number of pictures that I can get?

No. You and your guests can take as many photos as you like during the time that you have booked the photo booth.


How good is the quality of the photos?

The photos are taken at over 14 megapixels and are utilized to capture high-definition images.


How many people can fit in the booth?

You are only limited to the number of people you can squeeze in front of the booth. This product has no walls, therefore the group shots are easily done and the photo booth is also wheelchair accessible.


Can we get a special message displayed on our prints?

Yes, you can customize your photos with your name and event date (at the top and bottom), or another short message of your choice.


Can I get copies of the photos after my event?

All photos are saved in a digital format and stored on a USB Flash Drive, which will be presented to you by the Flashpoint attendant at the end of the night.


Can the photo booth be set up outdoors?

Yes, the photo booth can be used outdoors, but the external enclosure must be used to protect the photos so they do not get washed out by the sun or get damaged by other elements.


Can I supply my own guest book instead?

Yes, if you have a special book that you would like to use instead, just let us know. If not, we can help you with that as well.


Do you charge the guests to have their photos taken?

No, you and your guests can take unlimited number of photos in the allotted booked time at no extra costs.




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At many wedding disposable cameras are provided at each and every table in order to get some candid photos of the guests, but many times the guests mistakenly leave with the cameras. And when the cameras actually do get returned, the pictures are developed, but most of them don’t turn out as well as expected. The Photo booth eliminates the need for the disposable camera by storing all the pictures on the computer’s hard drive, and at the end of the night you will receive all of these photos on an USB flash drive.

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